Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hold Him While He's Little

I found this poem on the back of my favorite magazine--Keepers at Home, published by Carlisle Press in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I am realizing the older my children get, how important it is to teach them, to love them and to spend time with them while they are young. How quickly 4 years have passed since my oldest was born! I look at his baby pictures and wonder what happened to the little baby....who is not the baby anymore. I know the next 4 will pass just as quickly or maybe faster...and then the next 4...and the next. Mothers, hold those sweet babies while they are still little! Read them the Bible, teach them songs about Jesus. Show them the right path to walk, from the very beginning! There are times when the dishes will wait, Facebook will wait, email will wait, blogging will wait, etc.This post was directed mainly at myself--how often I fail to take the time to enjoy my small children as I should.

Me with our oldest, when he was 2 months old

Hold him while he's little-
He won't be little long;
For all too soon will come the day
He won't need Mama's song,
Nor cuddling on the rocking chair.
He's joined the busy throng.

Guide him while he's little,
And show him how to be
A good, obedient little boy;
One not obsessed with "me".
Then you will find in years to come,
A blessing he will be.

Love him while he's little,
He needs your touch of grace.
He needs the comfort you can give
In just a sweet embrace.
Thoughts of Mom will bring him back
With smile upon his face.

Teach him while he's little
To love the Bible true;
For it has all the answers
To what he needs to do
To make his life fulfilling,
And keep heaven in view.

Hold him, guide him, love him--
He'll soon be grown, you'll see.
Teach him while he still is small
And sitting on your knee.
For if you do these while he's small,
'Tis for eternity.

--Susan Nolt

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  1. This is beautiful and so true. My little man will be 17 in a few months. It goes so very fast. My youngest turns three in May. I want to beg the LORD to slow it down... maybe even pause for a bit. :) Enjoy them. It truly does move so fast.


  2. I just so loved this poem!! You are so right. When my oldest was 8, I thought 13 was far away. He is 29 now!!Enjoy them. Facebook can wait!!