Friday, October 26, 2012

Cruel Harvest--Book Review

Cruel Harvest
Fran Elizabeth Grubb

I don’t often find biography-type books that interest me enough to review them. When I saw this book on the list of options, I thought about it and decided to get it and try it. I am glad I did. While it is most certainly not a sappy, feel-good book, it will tug at your heart strings. Just the thought of what some children go through everyday with nobody from the outside world knowing.  It is a story that may make you cry, so be sure to have some tissues close by should you decide to read it.

This is the true story of Fran and her six siblings growing up with a very abusive father. They lived as migrant workers, traveling from place to place to place. They were poor, they hardly went to school, and they lived a life of fear as night after night their father would come home drunk and beating their mother and them. This is the story of how Fran learned to cope with her problems. This is the the story of how Jesus came into her life and redeemed her from a life of awful living and sin. While no one else may have known what was going on, Jesus knew.

This was a touching story to read. As the mother of a little girl, I cannot imagine any little girl having to go through what Fran went through. To see the power of the Lord in her life made the book a happy ending. To read about her forgiveness was amazing. May every abused child see such a happy ending to their story, the ending that only comes by the grace of God. 

*I received this book for free in exchange for a review from Thomas Nelson. I am not required to write a positive review.*

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